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VFX Supervisor (2D) / Lead Compositor
2016 (Sundance New Frontier VR Experience)

Working at SuperPost NY (Branch of an Argentine Studio), WEVR came in the need of some visuals for an introspective and psychedelic ride through your own subconscious where Reggie is everything.

VFX Supervised the team from Argentina providing Design/Comp Assist and CG. The Compositing was done in After Effects (Mettle Skybox).

Personally Compd the scenes of the Reggie Band, GodRealm, Reggie Rant / Final Battle. As well as all transitions between the scenes. Overviewed and Finalized the whole sequence developed.


VFX Supervisor (2D) / On-set Supervision / Lead Compositor

At Superpost NY, working for Michael Counts (Experiential Director). We developed the visual content for a series of rooms. That projected onto Hologauze and LCD Screens helped to create a more three-dimensional and animated experience.


BeSide Digital developed the whole visual queue & projection systems. Which included multiple layers, due to the Hologauze projections, adding depth to the video.

As well as developed mechanical and lighting queues to load specific videos to achieve a seamless experience.

VFX Supervised and Comped all the scenes, finalizing locally in NYC coordinating the team in Argentina that developed Roto/Tracking/Matte Painting/Fluids & CG development.

XR TV - Content

Motion Graphics Online Editing and Final Editing

Xango Republic Was developing an online channel for TRACE, showing the most influential race of the planet.

Working with my friend Stephen Bell (BTM). We combined editorial and graphics in a powerful and aesthetic way.

Animation, Layout, Online Editing and Supervisor

- The Project was approved after this presentation -


Lead Motion Graphics & Visual Development, for Keynote Decks & Special Events
2016 - 2017

With the Creative Direction of Stephen Bell. We developed the First Video Keynote that Hugh Evans presented at TED. Boosting, even more, his upward insertion to Global Awareness. Promoting, Global Citizens.

Later on, shifted to become the main visual key for several other presentations and events. As well as used for the Global Citizen Festivals done in Hamburg, NYC, among others.

Look and Animation Supervisor / Keynote preparing / Asset Building


VR Stereo FX Development

After the positive outcome with Reggie Watts - Waves. WEVR came back needing assistance with some Glitch and Lighting effects for this Rap Political Battle.

Hilary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.

As a request from WEVR, all the effects were developed in After Effects (Mettle SkyBox)

VISA - Wired Conference -


VFX Supervisor / Lead Compositor / Assisted in Direction of Content

BeSIDE Digital was in the need of some futuristic content for a special booth at the Wired Conference by VISA (Spring House NYC, 2017).


With a vertical 4K canvas, in a special booth with infinity mirrors placed around you. You were exposed to an immersive and powerful dose of Nature.


3 variations were developed to have a more random experience between the attendees.

VFX Supervised / Lead Compositor / Coordinator of CG and Motion Graphics

MAMMA MIA! - Waterloo - VR

Stereo VR VFX Supervisor / Lead Comp /

Yet another! WEVR project. This time, including camera movement, jiggle and one nice rigging solution to reduce the cleanup of the rig.

VFX Supervised / 3D Tracked the scene in Nuke and GeoReferenced the set / Coordinated Roto and CG / Final Comp done in AfterEffects

XCHAIN - Content

Lead Motion Graphics and Visual Development for Website assets

Approached by XCHAIN, I was tasked in developing a visual language and asset templating of several routines / shape-shifting & Informative videos to present the product. A Shape-Shifting Exercise additament that takes you to the Max.

The concept was to inform making things as visual and minimalistic as possible and with the least amount of text. Pointing out "Coach Queues & Force Trails" to perceive how you constantly need to apply force and breaks while keeping good form. 


VFX Supervised / Developed Visual Guidelines / CG Coordinated / Motion Graphics / Templating

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